Whe we were about to go to Italy we were very nervous because we wanted see our friends.



When we arrived in Italy some students wait us in the airport, we really like that act. We were in a bus 4 hours for arrived at our house. In our house we met at our family and my family were very caring. In my first day I went at a festival with Patrizia, Hans, Alberto and some friends of they. In the festival I met some friends of Patrizia and I liked them.



In the second day we went to visit Mals and see their school. Then we went to eat a pizza. In the third day we go to visit their school. In there the Italians prepared our breakfast. Then we went to archery and then we went at our house. In the fourth day we went to a bunker and then a castle. That day I had a great day.




The other day we go to rafting. We passed a day very funny because we did a thing that the Spanish we had never done that sports. The next day we went to a lake for the bicycle, and then we went a barbecue. For the evening Cristina, Maria, Patrizia and I went to the town of Maria and we eat in a chinese restaurant. The second to last day we went to a city and there we bought a presents for our family.





That day we went to a disco and there we passed a great time. And the last day we went to a snow and there we eat together and when we arrived to a school we said goodbye. That evening Cristina, Maria, Patrizia, Alberto and I went to a disco, and the Spanish said goodbye at Patrizia and Maria and then we take a bus for went to airport.



All the things that I tell here are the things that I never forget and it’s an experience incredible, but I’m very nervous because Patrizia come to Seville in September and when she arrived here I wait her whit impatient. Thanks for all….

We passed an incredible time….

Clara Gamero.