The week in which we are in Seville and the week, when the students of Seville were here in Italy for me were two of the most valuable weeks that I will never forget.

Each trip was beautiful and the evenings were especially wonderful.

Seville is an amazing city, but the week in Italy with the students I like more anyway, because we had the program more interesting, could go to discos and had more fun.


I closed all the students in the heart.

I think the exchange was too short, because it was over before I got to know everyone better.

I am happy that I participated in the exchange because I have met many nice people.


Of course I'm currently still in contact with many students of Seville, and I hope that will be so for a long time. The student exchange was a success because I learned lot of English, a little bit of Spanish and I saw a new culture.

It was especially nice to stay with a Spanish family, and I got to know their daily life.

Now I love the Spanish people and their attitude.


In September Patrizia and I want to travel to Seville to see again our friends. They invited us to stay in their houses and I am already excited. I want to thank the school and the teachers for made possible this project.

Elisa Steiner.