The exchange project Seville – Mals was a very nice and new experience for me.



We have seen new things, we studied a lot and we enjoyed every moment together. First, when I heart, that I can participate on the project I was uncertain, because I don´t know what happens, but when I saw Ana, my exchange pupil the first time the uncertainty was away. She was so nice and kind with me. Also my exchange family was very nice, kind and sympatic. The other exchange pupils were also very nice and helpful. When we arrived in Seville, on the airport the exchange pupil helped us with the suitcases and the arrival was very nice! They were helpful, patiently and generously. The farewell in Seville wasn´t a problem, because we all know, that we will see us again in two months.


I hope the Spanish exchange pupils liked Mals and enjoyed the time in Mals. I found the program interesting and so the Spanish pupils saw a bit how we live and they learned different things about our culture and religion. The exchange project showed how fast peoples liked each other and to get used each other. At first it was a bit difficult for every people, there were all the new things and there was always a person, that you have to look after and that you are responsible.




We got on very well together and after a time we know the other and we know how he behaved. We weren´t all the time the same opinion but then we talked, at finally we found a solution. The farewell in Mals was then very problematic, there were a lot of rows and despair. We accustomed to each other and everybody don´t want that now is finish. The farewell came nearer and nearer and then we must say goodbye! It was a very sad adoption, but we all promised, that we stay in contact and that we will see us again.


I will repeat this project immediately. We saw a lot of new things, and it was an unique experience for everybody. I hope that the schools will repeat projects like this and that we will see the Spanish pupils as soon as possible. THANK you all, for that experience and for the kind recording!!!!

Maria Sagmeister.