For me the exchange with Seville was a wonderful experience, I met new people and I was the first time in Spain. The people from Spain were wonderful, and they received us with open hands. When they come to us we attempted this also with them.


At first we went to the airport from Bergamo to take the plane, when I alighted from the plane in Seville at first I was shocked, because I was warm dressed because in Schluderns were I entered in the bus there were only 0 grades and in Seville were 25 grades. After I undressed me the jacked and the pullover we saw at the first time the guys from Seville, they welcomed us and then I went with Eduardo home by car because he has 21 years and so he had also the car licence. This was perfect because we didn’t have to go always in feed like the others. The next day we went in the city to see some old places. And on Monday we went on the beach, this was the best trip for me.



The next days we went to view an archaeological place in Cordoba, this is the most beautiful city I ever seen! The evenings for me were the best times from the day, at first we went together to eat something, the meet was so good!, and then we went to drink something, not always together. Put if not I went with Eduardo and with his friends in a Pup. The trip to Spain was wonderful!


When the Spain people arrived to us we had a lot of fun. Our teachers organized a lot of funny trips, for me the trip to “valle del sole” to the rafting station was the best trip I ever made with a school. The only thing I not liked was the presentation that we had to make in the school, but the rest was perfect! Only the accident from Maria and Sara on the bike trip from Graun to Schluderns was very bad, they had to go to the hospital, but 2 ours later they came back and had a good barbecue with us and the uncle and the aunt from Stocker Mirko. We had always fun! And I hope we didn’t see the Spanish people the last time.


I hope the school will make a lot of trips like this in the future.

Thanks for all!

Gabriel Recla.