When my class got the message that 10 pupils from our school have the possibility to make a school-exchange with Seville, my friend (Maria) and I knew that we would really like to do this. We had the luck and were allowed to participate on this project.


From the 27th March to the 3rd April we were in Seville at the homes of our exchange-pupils. We all were very excited when we arrived at the airport in Seville and when we saw the Spanish pupils for the first time. But they all were really nice, helpful and very friendly and so I felt really welcome.



My partner (Miguel), his parents and I drove home by car. At the apartment I met Miguel's brother and sister and then they showed me my bedroom and the remaining rooms. I felt really well in the family and even if there were some difficulties in speaking we always talked a lot together in the family. We spoke a lot about the differences in Spain and Italy and they were very interested in me, my family, my home and our environment. I enjoyed the time in the family a lot.


I enjoyed the time in Seville also with all the other Spanish and Italian pupils and the teachers. During the day the whole group was together and we visited many things. I liked the program a lot, because it was always very interesting to see the big cities, the cathedral, the castle with the beautiful garden, the museum and the beach was the highlight for us Italian pupils. At the evenings we pupils met somewhere in the city and then we went somewhere to eat, went to the center of the city or we made walks in the city. It was always very funny in this group of 20 pupils and we all got along together.


From the 28th May to the 5th June the Spanish pupils came to our homes and we could spend another week together. I think also here we had a very nice program, we saw the castle, "ötzi", we rode a bike and the best of all was the rafting. In Mals it was more difficult to spend much time together at the evenings, because we don't live so nearly, but somehow we always found a solution.



All in all, the exchange was a real success. I liked it very much, and if I'd have the possibility to do this one more time again, I would do it! Without doubts!


We made so many new experience, we can keep so many important memories of this time and we met so many new and really good friends!

I will never forget this beautiful time, with these nice persons, in all these different places, we were!

My wish for the future is, that we will stay in contact with the Spanish pupils and I really hope, that we can meet us someday again!


Sarah Eberhöfer