This is another new experience of exchange with other countries (Italy and Holland).



In this first phase the Italian students have come to Spain; specifically Andalusia.


The first day, at the airport, before meeting, we were very nervous and excited because we were going to meet our new Mals friends. After the arrival, when I saw Maria, I was sure that a good friendship was going to be born between us; and that way it was.


Everything was OK.



During this week we have visited many places: el Coto de Doñana, Matalascañas, Cordoba and Sevilla. These visits have enriched us personally and culturally. And they have served to strengthen our friendships. Also I have to say that I thought that the language was going to be a handicap, but really I have learned a lot of English.



I hope that when we go to Italy, we can all be together, and be able to value the real meaning of this project: to be a family. I hope this friendship never gets lost and we will continue to be in contact.



I know this experience is only the beginning and we still have much to learn and to share. I think every experience is new and unique. .. It is special!


I already feel a bit more like a “Citizen of the World ".



Ana Jiménez Gómez