My experience

At the first, I was feeling a bit shy, because I didn't know what I tell her. Then, as the days continued I spoke more and more, and I knew what to talk to her about. When time passed we got to know eachother better, we were becoming closer and even becoming great friends. I really want to go there, because in Italy we will have confidence and we speak more quickly and maybe also we will see eachother again in Holland.



On the other hand, when I was talking in the Alcazar I was feeling very good because all the people understood me, although some people didn’t listen me at times, beacause lot of times the people didn’t stay in the room that I was.



In my house Pattrizia was very educated and in the street was very funny and happy. Sometimes she didn’t tell me what she was going to do, but she is a good friend.

This is my opinion of my experience with the Italians……


Clara Gamero Suárez