For me, this experience has been unforgettable, fun, and above all served to meet people from other countries and learn to relate to them and communicate with them in another language. This also served to learn English and some German.



We met people who were very good. During their stay in Seville we spent most of the time together to know each other for example when we went to the park or went out at night and showing them Seville.



While they were getting to know Seville, we also were able to go to new places such as the top of the cathedral and the Alcazar of Cordoba and Seville.



This experience has been unforgettable for us all. We all really want to go back to see the Italians all again when we go to Italy and I hope this is just not an exchange, but we will meet again in the future when they come to Seville and when we go there.